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The village of Berge, which has around 250 inhabitants, is located on the border between the regions of Lower Aragon and Maestrazgo, at an altitude of 718 m., in the foothills of the Iberian Mountains. It lies between an area of clay and conglomerates dating from the Tertiary Period (approx. 23 milions years old) and limestone mountains (with their characteristic grey colour) dating from the Jurassic Period (around 75 milion years old).

Its altitude gives it a gentle climate, with average maximum temperatures of 23ºC in July and average minimum temperatures of 5,6ºC in January. In winter the clear sky is a deep blue colour, and the summer is clean and dry.

It benefits form the rains and snows that fall in Maestrazgo, and has 23 springs. Its is  crossed by the river Guadalopillo.

Its main crops are olives and almonds, along with species used for animal fodder, vegetable gardens and fruit trees. Sheep of the native ojinegra breed, whose meat in highly valued, are also pastured here.